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Lakdew was founded in the year 2020 as the software company by Chandika Dewruwan and Lakshan Sandanayaka Beginning with many kind of services for you and your business.


Design websites and even develop apps for different types of operating systems. Some software agencies build corporate web-based systems to help enterprises automate processes, increase productivity, and facilitate workflow management.

IoT Applications

Smart surveillance, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems and environmental monitoring all are examples of internet of things applications for smart cities.

WEB Development

Writing well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices. Creating website layout/user interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices.

Software Development

Complicated process to design an application or software in order to meet a particular business or personal objective, goal or process. This process consists of various stages: Planning, Analysis, Product Design, Maintenance.

CCTV Systems

Having CCTV cameras or even signs that warn about CCTV monitoring in visible places prevents vandalism and burglary. CCTV monitoring can also improve the safety of the people working in the premises.

Graphic Design

Working with clients, briefing and advising them with regard to design style, format, print production and timescales.

Video Editing

Video Editors are generally responsible for editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting.

Why choose us?

Lakdew is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their event experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference and We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software and graphics.






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Lakshan Sandanayaka

Computer Science Engineer

Chandika Dewruwan

Software Engineer

Heeshala Nadeeshan

Software Engineer

Tilan Jayaweera

Software Engineer

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NO: 90/104, Graceland Estate, Horana


+94 (77) 063 7236

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